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The View from the Chair - Embracing the Entrepreneur

Sun, December 17, 2017


1  a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.
It's not a laughing matter...
Anyone who has considered or indeed executed an entrepreneurial venture will fully understand where I am coming from this week. It is a time of intense emotions and focus - from cradle to grave - or more positively from inception to exit!
Tuesday was national entrepreneurs day and on this day, entrepreneurs are encouraged to thank mentors, give funding and advice, and spread the word about how to achieve success in business. How many of us who started our own business take the time out of a hectic schedule to give back and inspire others, and thank and recognize those who helped us get to where we are.
Our own group hosts a myriad of entrepreneurs and their successful businesses. There are also many member companies who specialise in assisting others get started, grow, flourish, and even prepare for exit. In my experience, that last point of preparing for exit right at the start is possibly the best single piece of advice I could give as someone who has been round that loop. That, and to be part of a dynamic eco-system such as BBG to learn and glean valuable experience across all sectors.
Of course here at BBG Dubai & Northern Emirates, one of our most popular Focus Groups is the SME Group chaired by Amal Loring, someone who believes very passionately in supporting others, as her member mantra shows:
As I'm sure you're aware we hold regular events independently and in collaboration with other business groups and organisations, a lot of which are designed to appeal directly to SME's and entrepreneurs. One such event, which we are very much looking forward to next week is the Enterprise Nation UK Delegation Networking event that we are holding in partnership with the Australian Business Council on 28th November at Steigenberger Hotel Business Bay. Enterprise Nation is the UK's most active small business community which also gives a voice to government for its members - attendees can build relationships with a delegation of British business owners who are visiting Dubai, and hear from Emma Jones MBE, the founder of Enterprise Nation. To get more information or register, check the website event pages, and don't forget to add the event on Facebook for all the latest updates.
On a separate note, your committee this week met for an excellent offsite strategy day facilitated by a professional third party - more about this in another message - but an underlying theme to the future of our group was to have a clear value proposition to attract more young, ambitious and entrepreneurial individuals to our fold. This is as a direct result of our #member4member engagement programme launched in June of this year. You will therefore soon see special dispensations and offers to attract this growing demographic to our group. If you're interested to learn more, please do drop a line to who will be pleased to help you or your colleagues accordingly. Help us to help you!
Well, off to lie down in a darkened room now to come up with that cunning plan to change the world......
Catch up soon.
BBG Chairman & CEO