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The View from the Chair - A Nation's Pride

Sun, December 17, 2017


Isn’t it great to be part of this flourishing Nation? Only a few short years ago the demographic split in relation to people living or working here was either local Emirati, expatriate, itinerant worker or tourist. Our Emirati hosts are now making great efforts to stress that there are just two types - either Resident or Visitor. This is much more inclusive and engenders that feeling of belonging that we all have.
On a personal level, I think the things that I myself love the most about living in Dubai are firstly that we are a truly international community living in harmony, which could not be more pertinent than it is right now. We live and work with people from all different nationalities, cultures, religions, traditions, and backgrounds, of all ages, and we get the chance to learn so much more about the world as a result.
The other great thing about working in the UAE is that opportunities abound. If you are willing to work hard and ‘go the extra mile’ you have a lot more chance of fulfilling your dreams and ambitions than you might have in other parts of the world. In fact, I can categorically say that the UAE has provided the stepping-stone for my success and that of my family.
Our family is actually approaching almost 20 years of calling the UAE home, and I can’t help feeling blessed at the opportunities this vibrant and diverse country has given us, as a family, over this period. After ten years of top-notch schooling in the UAE, my two children fled the nest, studied and worked back in the UK and Europe and have now returned home to Dubai to raise their own families and start businesses! What a legacy for any family to have, and we’re incredibly grateful to our UAE hosts for making that possible.
As we celebrate the amazing country that we call home, it’s worth bearing in mind that this is the only the 46th National Day for the UAE, which is really quite incredible when you think about how much the country has achieved in a relatively short period of time. This success can largely be attributed to the strong adherence to a well thought out strategy for development. We have witnessed tremendous development along the journey, with the management of truly seismic issues and yet a steely determination to carry out the original plan.  This focus and commitment is an inspiration to us all, particularly in the business community, and is exactly what we at BBG are attempting to plan and execute in our 30th year of existence.

Continuity and commitment to the original plan is certainly something other countries - and indeed companies and organisations - can only dream of. Changes of management may well refresh thinking, but sticking to a strategic plan seems to go by the board.
So, in a collective chorus from the British business community here in the UAE let’s all wish our gracious hosts many congratulations and heartfelt thanks, for providing us and our loved ones a dynamic, safe, secure and harmonious lifestyle. Residents and Visitors alike.

Catch up soon.
BBG Chairman & CEO