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The View from the Chair - It’s that kind of week...

Sun, December 17, 2017


This week, people the world  over have been focusing on the act of kindness. World Kindness Day has been celebrated on 13th November globally since 1998 in an attempt to bring people together and highlight good deeds, positivity and kindness in communities, cities and countries. On my own twitter feed I keep a quote as a pinned tweet by the late, great Roald Dahl - I should have mentioned him last week in my literary blog as he’s my personal favourite...

That quote just about sums it up in my view. Whatever one’s position in life, this simple, cost-free but benefit-laden gesture can literally change lives. It’s quite a juxtaposition to consider whilst I write this blog on Sunday 12th November -Armistice Day - a day when we remember the fallen from WWI & WWII, and indeed since then. In the true spirit of kindness and humanity, this means all of the fallen, on all sides.

I was honoured to be voted Chairman of our group earlier this year, and the first act of kindness bestowed upon me was a message of good luck and good will from my contested opponent, and former Chairman, David J Burns, MBE. That was indeed kind and a gesture not quickly forgotten despite our differences of opinion.

As some of you may be aware, I am an incredibly proud father of two children. Whilst they were growing up in Dubai over the last decade, Carolynn and I - as super pushy expat parents - told everyone who would listen that it was imperative that our kids would graduate with ‘Firsts’ later in life, after all this hard work of parenting. “Firsts in what??” our friends would gasp, to which we always responded “In life and in kindness”. So far, so good...


So here’s a quick challenge for us all as a business community over  the weekend. Take some time out to consider something that someone in your life has taken the time to do or say, that you would consider kind or considerate, and thank them personally. We’d love to share your messages, so please do send your notes of recommendation or gratitude for fellow members to and we’ll share them next week. I’ll start the process off by thanking the British Embassy for inviting us to join them at The Air Show (DAS) recently, and to Peter Swyny, SVP of HR for Emirates Group, who kindly hosted my colleagues and me on day two of DAS 17 this week.


Finally as we hurtle into the second half of November don’t forget the wonderful challenges and opportunities we as a group have been supporting. The Dubai Fitness Challenge draws to a close this week, and there’s still time to get involved in our Movember competition too, just head to the News page to find out more!

Enjoy spreading a little kindness this weekend, here’s hoping to catch up soon.
Be kind!