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Wed, February 21, 2018


BCB October 2017: beyond Brexit

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Good Morning


I spent a couple of weeks in the UK in September & October and the B-word was all I heard in the media. 


So it was a relief to be back in the UAE where we enjoy something of a Brexit-free zone. 


This is very much the case when doing business here.  UK companies, products, goods & services are as sought after now as they were pre-referendum or Article 50, and will be whatever happens around the transition & exit itself (there is no EU - GCC/ UAE trade agreement that the UK will leave upon departure). 


It’s business as usual and will continue to be that way with quality UK exporters in demand and realising the many opportunities that exist both in the UAE and in the wider-MENA region.

So, if you’re bewildered, bemused or just plain bored by Brexit, I hope this serves as reminder that in countries like the UAE, trade, commerce & investment continues and the opportunities for UK firms are as compelling as they’ve ever been.


It’s time to brexport.




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