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The View from the Chair - Education, Education, Education….

Sun, December 17, 2017


Thursday, 12th October

The highlight of my week happened just this morning as I accompanied our Director of Legal & Secretariat, Helen Barrett to the opening of the new 6th form complex of Dubai English Speaking College in Academic City, Dubai. I was representing the BBG membership and Helen sits on the Board of Governors for DESC. Many of the prominent guests were BBG members including Cynthia Trench the outgoing Chair of the Board of Governors. Many of you will know that many of our own group’s former chairs have been involved at this educational establishment since its inception back in 1963.

All the guests were accompanied by the 364 current sixth form students who hosted us with aplomb, smiles and courtesy – and not a small amount of excitement to see the full facilities once unveiled.

Andrew Gibbs, gave a rousing and some times moving, account of the project build up and execution over the past 12 months ors so. A truly remarkable achievement.

It made me reflect in the importance of the facilities we are able to offer our offspring in this truly global destination.

World Class! Congratulations to our member - @DescDubai

Speaking of education, we all know that it never ends. And one of the topics which you, as a group, consistently brought up during the committee’s outreach exercise was the need to understand the wider regional opportunities for your businesses. I am very pleased to say that we have managed to secure a sizeable chunk of HMA to Saudi Arabia, Simon Collis’, time while he is in the UAE for lunch with all of you who will join us on Wednesday 18 October, register here. This is no small achievement and I look forward to seeing many of you at the lunch.