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BBG Chairman's Message to Members

Sun, December 17, 2017


“The British Business Group, Dubai & Northern Emirates is delighted to announce the engagement of …… its members”

Well, tempus does indeed fugit. Who can believe we are now at the end of July 2017? In May, you all voted substantially in favour of a member engagement programme and I am delighted to report that, even in the challenging market conditions, your committee has led the charge in terms of gathering meaningful feedback for action to improve or enhance the group.

What has been done? Each committee member has taken responsibility for a section of the membership to assess your views. Personally, I have embarked upon a ‘100 members in 100 days’ programme and the feedback has been phenomenal. Thank you – you know who you are.

This has initially resulted in the crucial formation of a digital and online communications sub-committee (the overriding member area of opportunity) which will be chaired by Hadley Newman, Managing Director, Omobono. While thanking Hadley for offering his support in this capacity, I would also like to thank all of you who have come forward to offer your time and resource whether it be as a member of the subcommittee or by already completing audit reports on our current communications strategy – a level of detail that, frankly, we would not be in a position to acquire. We are moving full speed ahead and will soon announce the full line up of the subcommittee.

We have also invited members to play a more active role in the group by submitting their applications for the role of Deputy Chairman following the departure of Jono Macpherson, who I would like to publicly thank on your behalf. At the time of writing seven extremely credible candidates have applied for the post and by the time you read this we will be in a position to make the appointment; so keep your eye on our LinkedIn page for the announcement. 

Turning to current and historic issues on the table: a thorough review has been undertaken internally and externally on best use of resources in relation to engagement with the UK regions. It is clear that the favoured route is to be generic in our approach in line with Department of International Trade to capture the attention of all exporting opportunities to this region (did you know that only 11% of UK companies export, compared to Germany where 47% do!?). Accordingly, we have a working group in place to assess how we can support this initiative without diverting our limited resources to specific regions. Based on overwhelming feedback from you, our focus will be  to articulate and deliver a real member value proposition here, on the ground, while supporting our Government colleagues in assisting UK companies interested in doing business, with us, here.

So now, it’s back to work; but not before again giving a resounding thank you to all of you who are so passionate about adding value to your peers in the foremost British business to business group in the region, if not the world.

John MSV
Chairman & CEO