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Planned Power for the World-Class Business Owner

Wed, March 21, 2018


The Faculty would like to invite BBG members to attend Planned Progress for the World-Class Business Owner, Wednesday, 2nd August, 09.30am to 12.30pm, Boardroom, Office 2705, Marina Plaza, Dubai Marina

* This event is free for BBG members upon presentation of your BBG Membership ID. 

Is your record broken?
A common complaint we hear over and over at The Faculty is the frustration of business owners who seem to repeat much the same year over and over again like a broken record! 
Is your business and life where you had hoped it would be by now or are you underwhelmed at your progress??
If you want to break the pattern and want to learn how to make the most of your upcoming year then we are opening some spaces for BBG members to attend our event.
'Planned Power for the World-Class Business Owner'
At this event, we show you the framework we use with our clients to make sure they get the absolute best out of their upcoming year. We've used this to give clarity and excitement to small businesses, large business and even Olympic athletes.
So, if you'd like to create a compelling plan for the upcoming year that will finally get you the results you want, give you clarity and also a plan you can feel confident about executing, come and join us and a small but quality group of Entrepreneurs who are committed to going PRO and getting the most out of their months!
This event is by invite only, it is free for BBG members (proof of membership required) but spaces are limited so if you are committed to your future then please commit to this event. (a no shows means you're taking the opportunity from someone else and, let's face it, nothing good happens if you don't at least show up in life).
If you wanted to build a dream house, it's the architect phase that is the most important. Most people spend more time planning a wedding than a life and more time planning a holiday that their business. So let us show you how to plan and then create a compelling future for yourself.
To your future!!