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Sat, February 24, 2018


BCB April 2017: The BCB is now in Abu Dhabi!



Good Morning

When we started the BCB in 2014, the intention was always to have a presence in Abu Dhabi, just as we have developed in Dubai.

We are therefore very pleased to announce….Mission Accomplished!

The BCB is now operating in the UAE’s capital city.  We can offer the same special incubation platform as we do in Dubai for UK companies in need of a low-cost & low-risk market entry into the emirate.


Joe Hepworth, CEO of British Centres for Business, and Jane Ashford, Managing Director of PRO Partner Group.


Taking the BCB’s experience in Dubai where we’ve helped 28 British companies set up in the last three years, with 8 successful graduations to date (100% success rate), we’re delighted to be mixing our IP & know-how with our chosen partner, PPG, who bring extensive Abu Dhabi knowledge, a strong local network and an impressive track-record supporting international businesses in the UAE.

Our Trade Services offer already provides complete UAE coverage for UK companies requiring commercial orientation, research & introductions in the UAE.  The addition of the Abu Dhabi incubator to complement our successful Dubai platform means the BCB now has a fully comprehensive suite of services and geographical coverage for any UK company wanting to explore, and eventually exploit, business in the UAE.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Abu Dhabi, or any of our services, please get in touch.




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Joe Hepworth
Chief Executive Officer

Mobile: +971 56 354 6277
PO Box 123885, Dubai, UAE