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How to Marry a Prince

Date: Thu, 07 Jun, 2018

How to Marry a Prince

The world is buzzing at the moment with the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan and like millions of people, I was glued to the screen on that spectacular day.

Meghan’s journey from her photo as a15-year-old outside of Buckingham Palace where she apparently declared she wanted to Marry a Prince to the day she did is a story of fairy tales.

Her fairy tale just like many real-life ones didn’t happen with the swish of a wand it happened because effort, staying true to one’s self and hard work was put in that accumulated in results.

I spend most of my working life around business people who are ” Looking to marry a prince” looking for that dream client or dream opportunity I couldn’t help likening this to Meghan’s journey.

Firstly, she set a GOAL although only she knows if she was joking with the Prince statement. She certainly achieved many others.

Then we look at the Meghan herself by all reports she is a fantastic individual who exudes care and compassion which she has shown since an early age with her interaction with school friends, letter to senior figures and declarations about women’s rights and equality. When we look at the reason people buy us in business it is often because we have a similar WHY or purpose that allows deep rapport and relationships to build- they buy us. It’s fair to say that Prince Harry also has that same deep seated passion to do good and change the world for the better with all his work in Africa and for veterans.

Meghan was also visible which meant she didn’t sit in a room chanting “ I want to marry a prince” she went out and built herself into the person we see today. Visible, credible and successful.

She can easily stand on her own two feet in their relationship as a woman, human, successful actress and blogger. Her influence is already being noticed and appreciated and like any successful relationship business or otherwise, it needs to be both sides that win.

Success enhances success and as a result, she also started to hang around people who it turns out were able to arrange a blind date with none other than Prince Harry.

A blind date is pretty much a Referral and like any referrals then can be good and bad. My guess is that you the reader may have leveraged referrals as a child to boys or girls in the playground at school by asking a friend to establish interest rather than embarrass yourself. Great referrals are pre-qualified to ensure there are synergy and a need. It appears there was both in abundance so someone did a great job.

How does this relate to you and me? We need to build our brands, stay true to our beliefs, surround ourselves with the right people and align our GOALS to our actions. When we do this it is amazing how spectacular things can happen.

I would love to hear any examples from you.

I continue a huge fan of theirs; maybe because I see so many synergies. I loved the Rebel in Prince Harry. I respect the man he has become and given I am a Ginger ( or was before I shaved my head ) and my wife is of mixed race with roots in Africa and exudes the same personal passionate power we see in Meghan. I like to think I am now in a special club.