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New Expo 2020 Opportunity

Date Posted: Mon, 11 Mar, 2019

New Expo 2020 Opportunity

Great opportunity from Expo for the Sustainability Pavilion

There is a great opportunity from Expo for companies that are interested in tendering for the Sustainability Pavilion.

Expo 2020 Dubai seeks to unveil new concepts and experiences to its visitors, including technological advancements, iconic architecture, and opportunities for cultural exchange, to name but a few.

Under the theme 'Connecting Minds, Creating the Future,' Expo 2020's overarching vision is for a World Expo that celebrates the potential of human collaboration, and inspires and drives a positive, long-term impact for the people and communities across the world.

The participants and visitors at Expo 2020 will explore the power of connections across the spheres of Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

The Sustainability Pavilion will be an appealing visitor attraction that will have two ‘lives’. It will launch as one of the cornerstone attractions of Expo 2020 hosting millions of visitors over the six months of the event. Following minimal changes, and a period of renewal, it will relaunch as a stand-alone visitor attraction located in District 2020, the former home of Expo 2020. The Sustainability Pavilion is envisioned to be a living demonstration of sustainability. The principle behind the design of the Sustainability Pavilion is that it be an exemplar in sustainable design, and that it inspires visitors to think and act sustainably in their day-to-day lives.

The objective of the RFI is to identify an agency or agencies to assist in developing elements of the educational programme and equip our team with the ability to deliver the programme(s) during Expo 2020 event time and through to legacy. The agency (or agencies) selected to participate in the forthcoming RFPs should have experience in creating and delivering similar environmental educational focused programmes in free-choice education settings for a range of stakeholder groups. Previous experience in STEM/STEAM projects is preferred.

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