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Don't let your past dictate your future

Date Posted: Thu, 25 Jul, 2019

Don't let your past dictate your future

By BBG Member Phil Bedford, Asentiv

As I sat there signing my book Kiss the Rebel I reflected that when I left school I had not passed my O levels in English Language or Literature.   In fact, I pretty much messed up right across the board.
I always thought English was always about a great story and so in my mind, this is what's I was being graded on the story and my creativity.  Punctuation and spelling just didn't seem relevant and so it’s no wonder the results panned out the way they did.

Without going into too much depth I ended up going back into education through an engineering route, washing up 6 days a week in a restaurant while I went to college once a week. This enabled me to get the qualifications to get into University.   At the end of the journey I had achieved an MSc In Engineering which while challenging and rewarding, it did very little to help my English language skills.

Years later as an Entrepreneur and Speaker the need to write a book became fundamental as a marketing/brand building tool.
The knowledge part of writing a book for me was easy but the worry I had was that I would actually be unable to write a book properly.

My solution was two-fold.

Firstly,  I love doing videos for my Vlog and TV show and so I paid someone to transcribe the video into text. 
Secondly, any text I had written for my blog  I paid a copywriter to check it and in some cases make it more readable.

We all have strengths and challenges and while it is tempting to spend a fortune on building up our competence in all skills it can also mean we are not working in our strength.   
They say a great boss employs people who are better than them. The boss neither needs to be the most skilled and nor should they be otherwise what’s the point of employees if they do it all themselves.

In the same way, an entrepreneur can play to their strength but they do not have to spend limited resources building up their challenged skills. We can actually outsource to people who are naturally strong in these areas. This allows us to play in our “flame “ not our “wax”  to be efficient and effective at all times.

Ask your self what are you doing that is taking time and energy that is not your strength and could be done by someone else better and in a fraction of the time.