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How to smash the Dubai Fitness Challenge

Date: Sun, 04 Nov, 2018

How to smash the Dubai Fitness Challenge

By BBG Member Phil Bedford, Asentiv

As a resident of Dubai, I have to say I love this initiative by the Government. It is so rewarding to see the promotion of health and fitness.  If you are reading this and maybe missed this initiative or are living in another country then in brief, the challenge is that all residents of Dubai do 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days. There is even an app so people can register for free classes, so finance is not an obstacle.

The only real obstacle to not getting involved which is the old “I don’t have the time ” chestnut or if people don’t want to do it.

As a business coach, I feel that maintaining Physical and mental fitness is fundamental to success in Business. Without getting to the science of this and keeping it simple let’s just say; keeping stress levels under control through exercise, allowing the brain to focus on the sport rather than our issues, maintaining weight under control so we have more energy, preventing illness and fatigue which allows us to work instead of being ill, and be more focused when there.
The benefits are well known.  But we still find excuses not to do it. So let’s address some strategies here and hope that perhaps we can find a solution.

Excuse:  “I have something I need to do now, and so I can’t make it to class.”
1. Be completely honest with yourself.
Are you making the other activity out to be more important than it is so you have an excuse not to exercise?  If it is recognized for what reason you are making an excuse. Give a name to it and realise when it is presenting itself, recognise it and then squash it.
2. Does the other “activity/meeting/excuse” have to be done right at that time or could it be done afterwards? Let’s face it, exercise helps our mid/ long-term health and wellness and often don’t appear as immediately important and so in the same way that we abuse ourselves and don’t look after our long-term health in other areas of our lives such as, food, drink, vices etc. We are  more likely to act on a small scratch or abrasion that is annoying us now than something that could be life-threatening a few years down the line.   We get caught up in the now.
3. If you want to do this, then schedule your exercise in as if it were your best client. Book other meetings around your exercise, don’t just try and squeeze the exercise in at the last minute, the chances are you will miss it.
4. Find a trainer or accountability partner so that you will be letting someone else down if you don’t attend. Then you will have financial and even social accountability to help.
5. If you are really out of time which can happen then how about finding other more innovative ways to exercise.
6. Can you walk up or down the stairs rather than using the lift. If you live on the 10th floor, for example, this would be great exercise once or twice a day.
7. Is there a gym or park close to your house, so you do not have to drive across town to the venue, just walk the dog ( or yourself ) heck how about doing it with your loved one and have some precious “us ” time.
8. I recall a few years ago walking up and down the corridor of a business block for 20 minutes with a client and had some bonding time
Often the drive to the sports venue/activity in itself could be half an hour each way and this in itself can be another excuse. “oh I won’t make it in time so that I won’t bother.”
9. How about getting up half an hour earlier in the morning before the day gets crazy. Get your training out of the way.
10. At the end of the day, as great as this 30 /30  is this needs to be a lifestyle choice, not a quick hit.
When we brush our teeth, we do it every day, continually for life. We do not necessarily see the daily changes, in fact, we often wonder if we are doing anything, but we know it works.

On the flip side try brushing your teeth for just 30 days and never doing it again.  Your teeth will go bad.

I must point out here I am not a fitness expert I am someone who loves sport, health and life and has been fully involved since childhood.  I have built a lifestyle by handling my own excuses head on.