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In the Hot Seat with...

Date: Thu, 04 Oct, 2018

In the Hot Seat with...

BBG Membership Manager, Pamela Ferrie

1. How long have you been in Dubai?
It was my 3 year anniversary on the 31st

2. How long have you worked for BBG?
Three years -I started the day after I moved to Dubai!

3. What made you join the BBG Dubai & Northern Emirates?
In all honesty I did a Google search for British businesses in Dubai when I was job hunting in Qatar, and BBG was the first thing that came up. My aim was to work for a British company in Dubai, but I ended up working for the best Business Group in the region who actually brings the British business community together!

4. What does your role involve?
My main job function is to manage and create business and community focused events for the BBG with my partner in crime, Charmaine, but now after our deep dive and Strategy Day, my new focus is member engagement. (although I won’t be forgetting events completely!)

5. What do you like most about working for BBG? 
There is never a dull day at BBG Dubai and Northern Emirates, with so many stakeholders that make the business function, and so many members new and old to meet, there’s always something happening!

6. Is there anything special you have been working on?
Yes! As I mentioned, as a result of our deep dive and strategy day, my focus has shifted to membership engagement. I now get to work closer with my best friend from Scotland, and fellow BBG membership colleague, Lindsay. We’ve not argued yet, so time will tell if our friendship can hold out!

7. What’s next? Any big projects/events for you?
We’re looking forward to the Battle of the Business Councils Golf Day and Dinner next week – hoping to take home the cup, and take part in some competitive inter-council networking!