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In the Hot Seat with...

Date: Tue, 18 Sep, 2018

In the Hot Seat with...

BBG Finance Manager, Eileen Collo

1. How long have you been in Dubai?
I have been in Dubai for what some might consider a very long time: 14 years

2. How long have you worked for BBG?
I have been working with BBG for 12 years

3. What made you join the BBG Dubai & Northern Emirates?
Given the length of my tenure, perhaps the question should be: “What made you stay with the BBG?”. Truthfully, the BBG has always been true to its mission and, for me, working with an organisation that lives its values is very important. Also, the work environment feels like home and the support and respect I receive from my colleagues and the Administrative Board unparalleled. So, really, how could I not be committed to this organisation for all these years?  

4. What does your role involve?
My role involves managing the overall accounts and finance activities of the British Business Group.

5. What do you like most about working for the BBG?
The constant opportunity to learn new things through working closely with my colleagues who are responsible for other activities such as organising events, member engagement and managing the website. Moreover, the support and dedication from each team member is enormous. We have a small Business Team (there are only five of us; six if you count our intern) so we all have to help each other out. What inspires me the most is the Group’s relentless desire to offer more to the members; its commitment to creating a community through reaching out and providing opportunities to its members. 

6. Is there anything special you have been working on?
I am currently integrating our accounting software into the BBG website as well as developing ways to streamline the work process. This is part of the efforts we, the Business Team, and the Administrative Board are putting in to realising our strategy and it’s really very exciting!

7. What’s next? Any big projects/events for you?
Actually, yes. I have taken the decision to go and join my family, so I won’t be part of the BBG family for much longer. Both my husband and I left the Philippines to do whatever was needed to create a better future for our family and now is the time for us to start reaping those benefits. While I’ve been here, he has been in the US and after some time in the Philippines, I will go and join him there for the next phase of our lives together.