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New Opportunities - Expo 2020 as at 20.09. 2018

Date: Thu, 20 Sep, 2018

New Opportunities - Expo 2020 as at 20.09. 2018

Most Recent Updates From The The Expo 2020 Procurement Portal As at 20.09.2018

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Project Details 

  • Project Code tender_354
  • Project Title: District 2020 - Business Development Service 

Opportunity Details

This brief is primarily focused on a targeted business development service to be provided by a third party – which is limited in scope (based on the below) and is not to be considered a brokerage service. This piece of work is part of a larger marketing plan being undertaken by the District 2020 team to engage with potential tenants. The role of the contracted third party is to support District 2020 in two planned roadshows in 2018 and, based on performance, will also be tasked to support with an additional two roadshows in 2019.

The District 2020 team is actively engaging with leading global innovative companies and potential tenants which are key to the success of the District 2020 Ecosystem. One channel of securing tenants is international roadshows in key cities/markets, which have a concentration of innovative companies are leading globally in terms of innovation such as US West Coast, US East Coast, China, UK, France, etc. In 2018, two roadshows are planned to take place

Listing Deadline 25/09/2018 14:59


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