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Science and Innovation Role in Promoting Prosperity and Growth, 13th January

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Tue, 13 January , 2015
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai,
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For our first Business Through Learning breakfast event this year, Professor Stephen Holloway from University of Liverpool  shared how the university recognises science and innovation being part of their vision. Professor Holloway gave an overview on the University's vision to establish it as a global leader in enterprise, entrepreneurship, and innovation for the societal and economic benefit of the University and the UK.

Key points discussed include:

•           Universities as  modern innovative civic institution supporting enterprise and innovation

•           Far reaching and diverse range of innovation activities

•           Examples of strategic partnerships with commercial, social enterprises and third sector organisations   

There are a number of global trends that are currently shaping the behaviour of research universities. Whether it be Harvard, Sydney, Singapore or Liverpool, the volume of students that require high level skills training means that universities are in great demand and, therefore, in competition for the very best students. This competitive behaviour is further exacerbated by the publication of international league tables, based mainly on past and present research and infrastructure along with peer review. In addition to this international dimension, there are a number of national drivers that are shaping the behaviour of universities in the UK. 

Only too frequently universities take the short-term view as to how they might raise funding to problem-solve rather than to consider the merits of a longer-term approach to partnerships. Their vision was to develop a small number of strategic partnerships with organisations that have product development interests that are congruent with our research strengths.  As an example, he shares with the attendees a relationship initially struck between the university and Unilever that has existed since 2003 and is now regarded as a collaborative paradigm in the UK.

Business Through Learning Breakfast
Chaired by: Clair Hattle


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