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Street 15A, Al Quoz, Dubai.

Company Type - Business Services
Url -
Contact Number - +971 4 341 7100
Emirates - UAE
Postal Code - 37040
Address - Street 15A, Al Quoz, Dubai.

About Company

Infracare is a regional leader in the reliable and innovative delivery of asset and facilities management services. Our 40 years of experience spans across all industries, from government to education, residential to commercial and leisure sectors. Our comprehensive range of services means we are able to meet any requirements you might have, as well as provide fast, 24 hour response times to meet any critical needs. Our team is united by a single goal, to ensure that their performance will exceed expectations and assist in propelling their clients forward in pursuit of their goals. Our proven track record for performance gives all of our customers the confidence to meet their objectives from within the smooth operating environment provided by Infracare.