Chairman's Message

Fellow BBG members,

Thank you for the ringing endorsement of my bid to lead our group over the 2017/18 term; a real privilege as I enter my own 20th year here in Dubai. I am humbled by the overwhelming congratulatory feedback and positive ideas for improvement and change that endorse my own.

I know that we, as members, are hugely grateful to the committee, operations team, focus group chairs and previous BBG Chairs for the legacy we enjoy now. However, we are not afraid to be self-critical when it comes to focus and delivery of real, tangible benefits to all of us. This can only be achieved in a practical perspective if we, the members, endorse each other and choose to retain, work with and support fellow members over and above any other third party. There are some exciting methodologies that members have shared with me to make this a reality and I will share more when I have been able to discuss them in detail. 

Another topic members have raised with me is our relationship with the British Government. I would like to clarify that we do work with, not for, British Government and will continue to be a lynchpin of the UK/UAE Trade Council under my leadership. Working closely with the British Embassy and Department for International Trade at our home base on the Embassy compound is a privilege for which we should be truly grateful; it is not a right. That said, many of you have asked me, and I have agreed, to investigate the focus on recent BBG work in the home counties of the UK to the seeming detriment of real effort and focus here on the ground at home in Dubai & Northern Emirates. The current city projects will be thoroughly reviewed from both a governance and benefit perspective and, like any other project for our group, will survive and be supported on their merits as a value proposition for our member companies.

Finally, I would like to express how delighted I am that we all work so closely with our gracious Emirati hosts and, as we now enter the holy month of Ramadan, the committee, operations team and I wish you all a peaceful, happy and reflective family time as we prepare ourselves for another Great British year for business in the UAE.

Ramadan Kareem.

John MSV
Chairman & CEO